About the United Bar Poker Tour

2005-6 Statewide Finals in Denver, CO

Since early in 2004, we have become the largest bar poker tour company in the country. The United Bar Poker Tour can be found at over 250 bars and nightclubs across the United States. 60-150 contestants each night, each location, compete to win a qualifying tournament in order to play in the Statewide Finals. The United Bar Poker Tour is a collection of the Best Run, Organized, and Operated Poker Games in the United States. Several companies got together to create an alliance of just "The Biggest and Best Bar Poker Games in the USA." We were tired of some of the so called "poker tours" that were in existence. Too many times, we heard stories of poorly run games, cheating, fighting, lack of advertising and marketing, and some companies not paying off their prizes. Well, NO MORE! Poker players of the world unite! You deserve better, and that's why we're here!

The United Bar Poker Tour provides you with trained dealers, professional tables, custom poker tour chips and awesome prizes. Last year alone, approximately $500,000 in cash and prizes was given away by the Tour in bars, nightclubs and hotels. Venues that participated found a tremendous increase in sales and attendance at their bars.

Q. How do I host an event?
A. Contact United Bar Poker Tour to check availability of an event date. unitedbarpokertour.com produces the events every day of the week in the United States. The United Bar Poker Tour will point you in the right direction in helping you make a choice on where to play, and with which company to use. The United Bar Poker Tour has standards on who is allowed to join our program, and we make our locations and ourselves uphold these standards.

Q. Why choose the United Bar Poker Tour?
A: Our poker tour is the first, biggest and best in the country. We have the largest player base, with over 250 bars in the United States, and 60-150 players per bar per night.