Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

2005-6 Statewide Finals in Denver, CO

The United Bar Poker Tour provides you with trained management staff , professional tables, custom poker tour chips and awesome prizes. Last year alone, approximately $250,000 in cash and prizes was given away by the Tour in bars, nightclubs and hotels.

Q: Is the United Bar Poker Tour a legal game?
A: Yes.
There is no charge to play, hence there is no "Risk". No "Risk" means "No Gambling."

Q. What does it cost?
A. There is no fee to enter the United Bar Poker Tour tournament. If you ever pay a fee to play, that is a buy-in and is illegal. Registration and sign-up sheets are available at each location. Call the location of the event for further registration information. Locations can fill up quickly. If your question was; "What does it cost to have my game listed? Then the answer is contact us
to discuss your location joining our program."

Q Is there any real money being bet?
A: No, that's illegal. Participants are playing with chips only. No side bets are allowed.

Q. Do I have to be at least 21 years of age to participate?
A: Yes.

Q. Why choose the United Bar Poker Tour?
A: The United Bar Poker Tour was started by Casino Masters USA which opened in November 1997 in Colorado. Casino Masters USA creates and manages casino theme parties for private businesses, charity events, and special event productions. The United Bar Poker Tour was created in October 2003 after the creation of the "Poker Craze" by ESPNs' broadcasts of past World Series of Poker Events. Since inception, the United Bar Poker Tour has operated and staffed over 10,000 individual poker tournaments with an average attendance of over 50 players.