Rules & Regulations

2005-6 Statewide Finals in Denver, CO

***You must be at least 21 years of age or older to participate in any game or event listed on the United Bar Poker Tour site!***

The United Bar Poker Tour has joined forces with several companies from across the United States. By joining forces, we have found some similarities and some differences in regards to how the games are operated. Some companies are self deal, and some companies offer dealers provided for all tables. Several of the games operate on a point system, where others award certificates and automatic entries. To familiarize yourselves with the type of game offered at a specific establishment, you should click on the establishment and check to see who the "Poker Tour" provider is and check out them further for more rules and regulations.

The United Bar Poker Tour provides you with trained dealers, professional tables, custom poker tour chips and awesome prizes.

Q. How do I play in the Kansas City Poker Tour?
A. Go to any of the United Bar Poker Tour locations listed on the web site approximately 30 minutes before th start of the game. SIGN-IN to play at the location on the sign-up sheet. At game time, your name will be called to sit down. Each player will receive 500 in chips at the start of the game. You will play Texas Hold'em against all other players at the location.

Q. What do I win?
A. Each location gives away prizes for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finish. The winner at each night also receives a certificate to play in our monthly, Mid-Way, and Final Tournaments. Players will be able to qualify more than once, but will still only get one seat at the Final Showdown Tournament. Player will receive additional buy-in amount for each qualifying tournament win with a four (4) qualifying win maximum. Top finishers of the Regional Tournament (20% of the players participating) will move on to the Statewide Final.

Q. How do I get signed up to play?
A. Players may sign up in advance at the event location if a sign-in procedure is available, or will be subject to availability of spots on the date of the tournament.

*** You must be 21 years of age or older to play in the United Bar Poker Tour ***

Your certificate wins allow for you to compete in the Regional Final in each city. The prizes for each city and state final will be announced soon.

The Regional Final in each city will compete for cash and prizes during your game. You will play down to a winner in each Region. The Final table of each region will also receive cash & prizes.


  1. The United Bar Poker Tour, its employees, and dealers, are the official judges and hosts of the United Bar Poker Tour local Qualifying tournaments, and Final Showdown Tournament. The decisions of United Bar Poker Tour, regarding tournament play, is final.
  2. No Limit Texas Hold’em is the game of choice for the United Bar Poker Tour.
  3. Between thirty (30) and one hundred and fifty players (150) will be allowed in each Local Qualifying tournament.
  4. Players will receive $500.00 in Local Qualifying Tournament chips.
  5. The United Bar Poker Tour will be playing a Big Blind / Small Blind Format. The player to the Dealer's immediate left will post the Small Blind, the player to the left of this player will post the Big Blind.
  6. The Minimum Bet at any time is the Big Blind.
  7. The Minimum raise, is at least the Big Blind.
  8. Players will play until only one player is left to be declared the winner. The Winner will receive a certificate for the Monthly, Mid-Way, and Region Final Tournament. You must place in the Top Finishers of the Regional Tournament to advance to the Statewide Final for the cash and prizes.
  9. Players will be able to qualify more than once, but will still only get one seat at the Final Showdown Tournament. Player will receive additional buy-in amount for each qualifying tournament win with a four (4) qualifying win maximum.
  10. Any cheating, rude behavior, “theatrics”, or any player being to drunk to play or “Deal”, will not be allowed to participate.
  11. Certificate: The winner of each First Game will be awarded a certificate to participate in the monthly winner’s tournament, the Mid-Way Tournament, and the Regional Semi-Final. Each certificate you win entitles you to 1000 in chips at each tournament. You are issued a certificate when you win. If you lose this certificate, you lose you invite. No replacement is available.
  12. ½ Certificate: Players playing in the 2nd Chance Game are eligible for a ½ Certificate. The player will need to win another 2nd Chance Game, and combine the two ½ Certificates to create a valid traditional certificate. A single ½ Certificates has no value of any kind. You may combine the ½ Certificates at any time.
  13. Monthly Tournament: The Monthly Tournament is for the winners of the previous months’ winners at the nightly events. You must have won in the previous month in order to play in this event. (Example: You win a nightly qualifying game in November, you will play in the December Monthly Tournament) The 1st Friday of every month will always be the designated date for these tournaments. Special Tables and Dealers on all tables will be provided for this event.
  14. Mid-Way Tournament: The Mid-Way Tournament is a special tournament that is played with the previous month’s winners’ competing against each other. ALL previous nightly winners’ are invited to participate. Special Tables and Dealers on all tables will be provided for this event.
  15. Regional Final: Players will compete for the GRAND PRIZE! Special Tables and Dealers on all tables will be provided for this event.

First Game

Players will NOT sit down until their name is called from the Floor Manager.
The First game will start at approximately 7:30 PM.

Blind Structure as follows:

1st Round 30 minutes  5 - 10
2nd Round 30 minutes  10-20
3rd Round 30 minutes  25 - 50
(During the 3rd Round, the Floor Manager will color up the players chips DURING PLAY.)
4th Round 30 minutes 50-100
Break 15 minutes  

*START 2ND CHANCE GAME (See rules listed after the Blind Structure)*
1st Game players will continue to play out the game with the following Blind Structure:

5th Round 30 minutes  100 - 200
6th Round 30 minutes  200 - 400
7th Round 30 minutes 400 - 800
8th Round 30 minutes  800 - 1600

If any further rounds are needed the Blinds will continue to double.
When 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place is decided from the First Game, prizes will be awarded to the respective players accordingly.
*2nd Chance Game*

It should be now approximately 9:30PM or 2 ½ Hours after the start of the first game.
While the players are on break, the Floor Manager will call out the names of the players who signed up to play in the 2nd Chance Game. These players may take their seats. You may only sign up for the 2nd Chance Game if you are not currently playing in the First Game.

2nd Chance Game players will start with the same amount of chips (500), and will start the Blind Structure from the beginning, and will continue to the end of the tournament until we have a winner. Any player may join the 2nd Chance Game while the 2nd Chance Game is still in the First Round of Blinds. However, if a 2nd Chance Player has not started and is on a waitlist for a seat at the 2nd Chance Game, they will be allowed to play, unless they signed up after the 1st Round of the 2nd Chance Game has concluded. At the conclusion of the 2nd Chance Game, a ½ Certificate win will be awarded to the winner.

The First Game might outlast the 2nd Chance Game, and vice versa.


Clarification of Rules

Button: The "Dealer Button" will always be started at position 11 at the beginning of each daily event. Upon reaching the Final table, players will redraw for the button. "High Card" will receive the "Dealer Button"

Cutting Cards: The "Dealer Button" is responsible for cutting the cards after the shuffle is complete, and before the cards are dealt.

Folding: Anytime a player places their cards or "mucks" their cards across the "Bet line" face down, IT IS A FOLD! If a player places their cards face up across the "Bet line", but does not announce a "Call", the players' hand is FOLDED.

Betting: Players must place a "Bet" or a "Raise" inside the "Bet line" IN ONE MOVE. Exception: Player may announce "raise", then match the original bet, then make an additional single move with the eventual raise.


List Cut Off: The cut off time for the wait list is 15 minutes after the first hand has been dealt. Any player on the list will be allowed to play. Anyone prior will not be allowed to participate in the main game, but still may play in the consolation game.

3 and out / 5 and out: Any player who has missed 3 hands in a row, is subject at the discretion of the dealer to be removed from the game. Any player who has missed 5 hands in a row, will be removed from the game.